First wood arrives!

The first 7 sheets of 18mm chipboard arrived today. An hour or so with AutoCad persuaded me that it required 15 sheets of 8′ by 4′ to lay out the mould shapes, so we will start marking and cutting this weekend. (See below)

Jig/moulds fitted to 8'by4' sheets

Jig/moulds fitted to 8'by4' sheets

Having consulted the experts, I am going to lay a fair amount of the internal structure onto the Jig before planking. This will make sheathing inside harder, but I think it will suite my skills (or lack of better). So we will be fitting the hog, step/inwale, bilge stringers, floors and frames/ribs to the jig and then planking over the lot. I considered fitting the engine/boiler bearers too, but I think that is a step too far – otherwise we might as well start by fitting the cain roof!

we’re off!

1 thought on “First wood arrives!

  1. sybefur Post author

    …in actuality we realised that there were no “frames” or “ribs” in the boat. The frames role is taken by the various bulkheads, seats, bunks and cabin structure. So we only fitted the hog, stem, transom, deck clamp and floors


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