Screwing away

Decided to fit the main bearing caps, these are meant to be fitted with 7/16 Whit studs and nuts, but with a nod to modernity we broke the mould and went for UNC!!!

Mainbearing caps and studs

Mainbearing caps and studs

It transpired the threading 7/16 rod with a tailstock die-holder was ambitious (even after I had to make the aforementioned die holder), so we set about screw cutting a set of studs and using the die as a chaser – a nice simple job…

The “scrap-bin” produced an old and blunt counter-boring tool – but the Quorn fixed that and produced a nice job.

The pilot holes for the caps had been drilled in France, so I hoped this was accurate and followed them, and wound up with an almost perfect fit.

the pile of parts is growing

the pile of parts is growing

Finished the day by jig-boring the cylinder base mounting jig (angle plate with dummy piston rods clamped to the slideways.. and took a first skim over the top of the HP cylinder – although for some reason the facemill started chattering….

A nice weekend’s work….

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