We’re moving!

A new home for Befur

There is going to be something of a pause in the building – we have decided to move house, and so the workshop is getting packed up and relocated too… the nice news is that the new workshop is almost 1,000sq ft, and will have room both for the machine shop and a boat building section (and room for the bikes!).

new workshop

the workshop leveled, damp-proof membrane about to be fitted, and 12CuM of Concrete to follow

We will have 3-phase, a machine-shop, hobby space, and room for the boat.

The real work starts this weekend with about 10 cubic meters of concrete to lay for the floor, and then stud-walls to build.

Hopefully this will go smoothly, and I am blagging the borrow of a friend’s Wagon/Hiab to move the machinery.

Some work on the layout resulted in this floor plan, which I think will mean we are well set to progress, and means we will be building Befur under good cover!

Workshop Floor PlanUpdate

The concrete and friends arrived, and with very little work we managed to lay a beautiful new floor – thank you everyone!

Concrete Friendships!

The Concrete Gang! – laid 12cuM in 3hours!

As laid, still wet and prior to power-float's finishing

As laid, still wet and prior to power-float’s finishing

a further update….

May-day bank holiday, and the concrete had dried enough to have started moving some stuff in, lay the plates for the bottom of the stud walls, and complete replacement of the roof! (with just two of us, and no youths to help!)

4 days of SERIOUS graft, and the job is done! Muscles recovering (with help of Ibuprofen) from lifting 32 sheets up on to the roof, while Graham did his gibbon impression leaping amonght the rafters removing old and securing new sheets – thankyou Graham (and to the girls for regular sustenance)!

starting to move some stuff in

starting to move some stuff in

and a nice new roof - thankyou Graham!

and a nice new roof – thankyou Graham!

Next Step is the completion of the walls, painting of the floors, installation of the electrics and then move the heavy machinery! (all before we have to move out of the house … I think we have about 6 weeks!)

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