Front Columns: Part 4

  • Diameter of Columns BOOK, NEW,ME, OLD: There are no diameters for this – while this is not “critical” it does leave one at a bit of a loss as to the size of stock one should start with. I decided on 1.125dia at the top and 1 5/16 at the bottom – IMHO wider is better, as I was surprised at the amount of “flex” in the erected engine, even with everything “dogged up tight” – maybe this is a good thing – who knows…. Submitted by Malcolm D

2 thoughts on “Front Columns: Part 4

  1. Phil Webster

    Turning the tapered columbs was an interesting first for me, and look ok fitted. However, I found that the valve linkage fouled them and had to move them inwards onto the hold down spots and fit links at the tops. This arrangement works ok but does restrict acess to the glands. The latter I have modified to the 6a type by threading the bosses to 11/4 BSP and reworking som large nuts. The weightshaft lonks are now made fromsolid with ball bearings. The originals should have worked but ours fell to pieces en rout.e. We got home by rigging the engine to run as an HP single. Always a bit of fun with a steamboat!

    1. sybefur Post author

      Thanks for this Phil, sounds like I should put this into the main part of this page – just to be sure which size of Leak are you referring to? and are you saying the drawings need changing in some way? and what would you suggest?


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