Drag-Link Bearings: Part 16

  • BOOK, ME & NEW: From John Olsen (NZ) – “I have built a Leak engine (with mods) from the original 1980-83 ME articles. One mistake in the drawings there was that the pins at either end of the drag links are not long enough. This means that the drag links would foul on the pins in end of the eccentric rods. This is on page 707 (ME). Part 16 “drag link bearing” has a dimension of 1′ between the two grooves. The pins at the end of the eccentric rods is 1.25″ long plus the head, which is not dimensioned. For this to fit between the drag link rods, the 1″ on part 16 must be increased to at least 1.25 inches.” Submitted John Olsen –
  • editor’s notes: Also submitted by Colin Sims, he comments:  “I think the eccentric rod pins that John mentions are overly long too – I think they would work at 1″ if they just needed to fit over the eccentric rods outside dimension o but the heads and lock nuts mean that the pins need to be lengthened, but perhaps not as much.”
  • John Olsen also sais: “Not an error as such, but those drag links are excessively fiddly. They look good when together, but there are a lot of small parts when you have to assemble and disassemble them.”
  • editor’ s notes: Having now completed these parts, John and Colin are certainly correct – the drag-link pins DO need lengthening, I went for 1.25 inches, but actually this proved too tight, as the joggle in the HP valve-rod also clashed, some careful thinning of this component has provided the needed clearance. This is a complex and fiddly assembly, and a pain to work on – but it does look nice!

2 thoughts on “Drag-Link Bearings: Part 16

  1. Colin Sims

    I have mad the drag link blocks wider with a counterbore to accept the head and undercut width of the pins as drawn, so allowing the spacer bars to be set wider apart. Yes it’s been a lot of messing, but this is because I made the pins to the drawings early on and fitted them permanently into the expansion and drop links. After all that work, I didn’t want to scrap these parts! Admit it does look a little odd.
    One day in the far off future, I may make a set of nice box links with central suspension, all neatly calculated from my super valve gear design book…..

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