Carpentry 101

Well another milestone is reached, I have managed to start on the Hull for Befur. We cut the moulds out in the old house in Medstead, but this last week we have managed to rebuild the strongback (provided FOC by Graham in Shepperton from the Selway Fisher Yahoo Group, thank you Graham) and started erecting the moulds.

When I cut the moulds I drilled a 4mm hole in each at the waterline/centreline for alignment purposes. I have purchased a Stanley Tools Cubix laser level, which projects a set of laser lines (one plumb, one horizontal) so I can shine this onto the moulds (and thru the holes) to check their alignment by making sure the laser light makes it thru each – seems like a workable plan, time will tell.

Where I cut the moulds in pairs, the wobbly jig saw means the lower mould half is a bit wobbly, so it will need some final fairing before planking begins….

Either way here are some pictures of progress so far – it’s looking scarily big! (It’s going to take quite a crew when it comes to “turning over time”!!!

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