Stud Clash on LP Valve Chest

There is a clash in the drawings between the bolts holding the reversing lever slider pivot (shown in the scrap drawing on page 33 of “the book” entitled “Reversing Arrangements”, and numbered item “2”) and the upper-right stud securing the LP Chest to the LP Cylinder….

Having hit the problem, I moved the pivot in-board about a quarter to miss – I now have an ugly hole to plug 😦

Also take care, I think the original hole locations in the pivot are also incorrect, as they seem to result in the slotted arm (item 3 in above drawing) fouling the studs on the LP valve cover. So I made mine (the 2nd one!) a bit longer and located holes by eye.

2 thoughts on “Stud Clash on LP Valve Chest

  1. sybefur Post author

    Yes, I guess you are right – but then you don’t tend to get into home workshop manufacture of Victorian-age engineering unless you are pretty far out on the chilled/patient axis!… that and it’s a bit of a solitary occupation, I know of one other person in the UK making one of these engines at the moment….. 🙂


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