Beveling the moulds

One of the last jobs on the mould is to bevel the edges ready to take the strip planks.

Below are a set of pictures showing this in progress. There are a few points worth noting on this process:

  • Painting the edges of the moulds allows you to make sure you don’t go to far when beveling the edges of the moulds (you always want to see some paint left).
  • Making lots of small blocks with notches to hold the test planks makes fitting and refitting the test planks easy (screwing thru the planks into the edge of the molds proved to be a bad solution, as the edge-on screwing of chipboard does not work well, and drilling thru the planks tends to make them split/or break when fitting
  • Planing the moulds is hard, and tends to loosen the moulds on the strongback. Eventually a borrowed a hand belt sander, and this proved to be the perfect solution.
  • We still need to finish the beveling of the hog and stem once they are all fitted.

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