Progress – reaching the bilge & stringer

We have been planking continuously now, if only work would stop getting in the way….

Reached a couple of milestones in the last week

  • Planking reached half-way up the stem and half-way round the transom (of course we are no-where near half way at the broadest point of the hull).
  • Planking got too high to reach – so installed some staging to stand on (slices of one of the trees that came down last winter and some old scaffold boards)..

At this point the planking has been going quite simply, as the hull shape means that at this point the planks are almost straight and level (in the horizontal plane)… I think I sense trouble ahead as we reach the forefoot…

Here are latest pictures; she is starting to show her lines, and they are more “tug/yacht” than “fine river launch”, but we like them, and she is meant to be sea-going so I guess this is to be expected. But it’s hard to get far enough away to get a proper picture.  (click for full-size images):

Planking reaches the Bilge Stringer

Planking reaches the Bilge Stringer

Planking half-way round transom

Planking half-way round transom

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