A little local difficulty

As we approach the end of the planking I am having a little trouble getting the last planks to fit… below are two pics showing where we are at…

In the one shot from the stem it’s the right hand side I am in trouble with (the plank after the one shown fitted here) and one showing the “S” shape we were following a couple of planks earlier (shot towards the stem)…

The S curce in planks near stem the twist in planks near stem

4 thoughts on “A little local difficulty

  1. sybefur Post author

    Yes it’s the curvature, my concern is that the epoxy will not like bonding the wet wood…. Advice from the professionals is to recommence planking from another point to get an easier run – my solution was more perseverance, clamps and a couple of “stealers” to aid the run of things, and I have got the next two on and think I have passed the worst bit!

      1. sybefur Post author

        agreed – but as noted in the text I think I have made it thru the eye of the storm and I am hoping from here on things will go better – I think I aggravated the issue by inadvertently choosing a very close-grained (hard) strip and then drilling holes in it to take securing screws at the worst possible spot and thereby prompting the failure…. oh hum…

  2. cornbeam

    is it the curvature that’s the problem? if so steaming would make the wood pliable and either fit it hot, the best way, or make a former to set the shape in.


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