Plans (and Landy) coming together

Well just a quick note to cover two important milestones!

The Landy Lives

Back from Cumbria shake-down trip

Back from Cumbria shake-down trip

With considerable assistance from Stuart (the Medstead Landy Garage) we have got the old girl back on her feet for the first time since 2010 – with ~£7,000 of new bits: chassis, 5 doors, (heated!!) seats, sound proofing, carpets, brakes, bearings, swivels, clutch, cam-belts, radiator, heater, seals, sills, door pillars, bulkhead, window frames, DAB radio, and more bolts than you can imagine, she is back on the road 206,000 miles young! So to make sure we got her put back together right we loaded her up the morning after her MOT and took her on a round trip to Cumbria (for reasons that will become obvious later!) – apart from some niggles (fuel gauge, rear heater and sunroof leak) she performed faultlessly –  solid technology!!! So now Befur has a tow vehicle!

3-wheels on my Wagon

3-wheels on my Wagon

Rig and Fit-out Plans

Sail and Fit-Out Plans

Sail and Fit-Out Plans

As mentioned before, Paul Fisher (of Selway Fisher) agreed to develop plans for Befur’s Mast and Fit-out based on a sail plan I had developed. The duly arrived and so we are now off on the final step to fit out the boat – (#excited)!

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