Mast Partners and Step – CAD/CAM

As noted in the last post, the plans for the cabin/mast arrived from Selway Fisher. Having poured/poored/pawed?? over these for a few weeks we have concluded we are going to slightly modify the proposed arrangement by installing a set of steel bracing inside the boat to support the Mast Partners (the thing the mast hinges in when being trailered), so that we can reclaim a little more internal space. We understand this is another bitter pill for the wooden boat druids to swallow, but hey, this is the 21st Century!

Having drawn up a revised internal deisgn using ViaCAD, I took the drawings of the component parts down to Ashby Welding on Friday, and yesterday picked up a kit of parts profile cut into 6mm steel plate – very impressive, neat, fast and economic. Next it’s time to break out the stick welder, and then send the whole shooting match off to the galvanisers!

Look – steel jigsaw!

Mast Partner components plasma cut into 1/4" plate

Mast Partner components plasma cut into 1/4″ plate

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