Fit-out and Steelwork


The current process is trying to finalise the major items in the fit-out of the boat, so that I can install the major structural elements for the cabin and mast. This is a bit of a “round in circles” process, You imagine how it will be, draw it out, see it doesn’t fit, imagine it again etc. Clearly some items will fall out later in the process, but we do need to get the mast, boiler, engine in the right place and make sure that one is not sharing the loo (head) with the other members of the crew or a few hundredweight of hot steel!

The image below provides the current perspective and is a mash-up of the original plans and my CAD hacking –  (please respect Selway Fisher’s copyright on the hull lines, cabin and layout – thanks)

The current plan!

The current plan!


The last two days were spent dusting off my stick welding skills (it’s been a year or two) and tripping 20amp breakers with a 4KVA welder (they shouldn’t trip but they do – 4mm rods and 6mm plate is a bit heavy for my kit). Either way I have assembled the upper part of the Mast Partners assembly, as seen below (smiles all round!)…

Partners Assembly Welded

Partners Assembly Welded


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