Just for your interest – an Electric thing…

The video below is not even steam it’s a 1930s Synchronous Electric motor producing 350HP from a 2,400 volt supply….

There is something I have never seen before in here: Watch the video first, and see if you can understand what is happening – I didn’t get it at first…. Explanation is below…

1930’s “soft start” technology

This is a synchronous motor, so it doesn’t like running below synchronous speed, and I bet it only makes a fraction of the power… so the solution is that when it is turned on the outer casing is allowed to rotate (in the opposite direction to to the motor) – it is quite easy to bring the casing up to speed, then the man on the wheel is applying a brake to the housing to bring it to a standstill, while the rotor slowly brings the flower mill up to speed…..VERY neat!

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