Under the Cosh!

As we move inexorably towards August I am feeling the pressure to finish Befur ready for the move to Cumbria!

We have ordered a trailer from Gecko Trailers in Cornwall, (who’s spelling is worse than mine)! that is due to arrive in 6 weeks, so I think it’s defining a definite end date :-/

The last week or so have been occupied by fitting out (woodwork) and modifying the engine to fit the pumps to the starboard side, so that we clean up the internal layout and maximise the space for the boiler and engine assembly.

Also completed all the work on the prop-shaft and drive shafts, including the screw cutting of an inch-and-a-quarter BSF nut to hold the propeller on!

I purchased a Triton Router table and stand from Screwfix – which is a delightful thing, made in Australia and of superb design and construction – so now we have an entirely Screwfix-supplied production line for timber mouldings, with a circular saw (borrowed) the Erbauer planer and thicknesser previously discussed, and the router….

Pictures below:


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