Cast Off Captain!

Well, this really is a milestone!

Today (8th July 2020), we finished rigging the sail, stowing all the stores, and getting her ready for the first steam and sail…

A picture is certainly worth a few hundred words… but Lou’s sail, Arne’s instructions and David Tyler’s advice have produced what looks like a working solution – just need some wind now.. (and some HK parrels to make those creases disappear!).

Junk-rigged steam yacht

Louise and her sail, we just need some wind now!

SY Befur moored under sail

On the water with an almost fully rigged sail

5 thoughts on “Cast Off Captain!

  1. captainbanjo

    Well done together, We will be testing the water on Friday 31st. Hope we go as well as you. Re. small ends, I tried needle roller bearings last year, changed back to sintered bushes during the winter. Lack of lubrication again. I grease mine, seems to work ok. I guess the hot condensate from the gland washes out the oil.

  2. David Tyler

    Looking good, but please, no HK parrels!! They’re a bad solution to those creases. I think that you simply need an effective luff hauling parrel.

    1. sybefur Post author

      Well David, we had her out on Thursday in light airs, and she did propel herself with our iffy sail handling – the creases all disappeared with our LHP obviously working to some extent. Hopefully next week we will get a little more breeze and will take a more experienced sailer with us, but we were quite pleased with this first trip.

      thanks again


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