A first sail of 2021

Wednesday (5th May) provided the first trip of 2021 with some wind (and dramatic views of the new snow!!! on the fells).

We had rebuilt the lubricator (using a 10mm ID needle-roller sprag clutch and a hard-chrome bar collar to run on) and this seemed to work well.

Initially we took the (almost obligatory) trip round Belle Isle with a rafted up lunch with Etna and Aurora.

We then set off into the south basin and …

It was a somewhat fluky/gusty afternoon , which made sailing initially almost impossible with moments of dead calm then gusts from all over the compass….In the end the wind settled from the South-West and we managed a near dead run north that had the rudder vibrating in the wake and and Befur moving quicker than we ever have before.

This show of speed prompted a ~26ft yacht loaded with young people to get into a race… we won, but admitted defeat as we were idling the engine too!

Rather exhilarating, if nerve-wracking!

A few pictures from the afternoon:

All good progress!

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