The Fit Out

Having come to the conclusion that:

  • The Solent was too close to ignore
  • That the Isle of Wight was within reach
  • That this is not intended to be a single-handed enterprise

It became clear that an open launch was in appropriate. Some form of cabin or accommodation was needed – not least because of the commonly inclement weather!

While the “edwardian-style” saloon looks good on a river launch, it seemed that something more workmanlike is needed. I do not want to go for the full “cabin cruiser” profile from the 50s so somethinng more like that drawn on the Ijssel designed from Selway Fisher seems right.

I want to try to provide accomodation which allows:

  1. Shelter from the worst of the weather (for the crew if not the captain)
  2. Sleeping quarters for two bunks or double?
  3. A Loo (cassette-type as this needs to be inland waterways capable too)
  4. A limited gally (soup/coffee/sarnies level) – windemere kettle, stove (multifuel?)
  5. Space for charts/navigation/radio etc.

Clearly, all of this would easily fit into a 26ft boat if it wasn’t for the inclusion of the steam plant… we will have to see what can be achieved

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