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Bit of a break!

Well it’s been 2 months since my last post, work continues to interfere with my hobbies. But progress is made, the front columns turned up well, an interesting piece of off centre taper turning – all ran to plan.

Front Columns

The interesting thing about the columns is that they are tapered AND erected at an angle to the vertical, so the top and foot have to be machined at an angle, while the taper is machined “straight” . The book of words (articles from 1980 Model Engineer) explain this well, and the jigs to do the job arrived with the castings (clearly the original owner started my making the jigs – far more organised than me!) – here are some pictures…

The erection went well, and having proved the assembly, I tore it down again to tackle the slide-bar construction…..

Work on the engine begins!

Well, we’re off! Spent the day clearing the workshop ready to get started, and trying to decide where to begin. The bed casting had already been mostly machined, so I spent a while measuring it up to check all well. Bruno had mentioned that it was “mostly” OK, a few minutes found that all was well, except that the main bearing housing was 1 3/4 instead of 1 5/8’s..Not catastrophic, but it has implications. The next parts to address are the columns, and there I found my first dimensional error on the drawings (the offest from the cross-head slideways to the front of the foot is shown a 1 5/16 instead of 1 15/16!).

This also points to a need to adjust the column setting jig to accomodate the changed main bearing housing – so the first metal to be cut is the removing a 16th from the face of the jig… so we have certainly begun! 🙂