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Stem, Hog and Clamp

 Shiver My Timbers – a whole new language

One of the major learning curves in this project is learning all the terminology for components in the boat – I’ve always taken an interest in language, but have never heard most of the terms used, and the ones I thought I knew have a whole new meaning in boat building. For example the “floors” in a boat are not the things you stand on (they’re decks of course (actually in the cabin or cockpit I think they are more correctly called the “Sole” or Sole Plate”!!!) meanwhile the floors are under the deck (like floor joists in a building), but they are actually there to provide “athwart-ships stiffness”! – see what I mean! Continue reading

A start on the hull proper

We cut the moulds for the hull almost two years ago, and erected them onto the strongback a few months ago – and while that looks like progress, you are always aware that nothing you have done is actually going to be a part of the finished boat…. So I was looking forward to getting on with some construction proper.

The moulds erected on the strongback

The moulds erected on the strongback

Starting Point

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