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Deadwood – dead hard! (pt. #2)

Too much moaning!

Well it’s another month down the road and the deadwood/keel is done – to be fair to Selway Fisher most of my troubles with this are entirely self inflicted, and by comparison to some other designs, Paul’s are much simpler and well thought out for the beginner (and in fact the first sentence of the instructions for the Golden Bay say that it’s not designed for the first time builder, so the fact I am almost ready to turn over the hull is a tribute to his design!).

Keel Bolts and Drilling

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DeadWood – dead hard! (pt. #1)

The Keel?

So the next step in the process is to add what you or I might call “the keel” (but the designer calls the “the deadwood“).

Half the deadwood in place

Half the deadwood in place

I imagined this would be an easy job, but it actually transpired to be quite taxing and turned into some nightmarish version of steel and wood Lego, where determining the exact order of events for the build bore dire consequences and was fraught with issues – I think we are nearly there now, but let this be a salutatory tail of the importance of obeying that #1 maker’s rule of  “measure twice and cut once!”. Continue reading

Retirement Beckons!

A change of pace and circumstance

Well it seems I have not posted since November and the arrival of Befur’s trailer. Since then a lot has happened (so Happy Xmas, and Happy New Year)… I have had the fortune to be made redundant, and have (with Louise’s kind support) agreed to turn that into retirement – so from the end of February there will be no more working interruptions, and as I am only “on call” now, progress should be faster. So with the shingles finally subsiding, and hopefully the last of the winter colds and the left shoulder starting to free up,  there can be no more excuses – so 2015 looks bright indeed 🙂 Continue reading