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Back in the water (at last)

Well that was a struggle!

After 6-7 months of work with Befur outside the house, up in the fells we finally finished and launched her, on Thursday!!

Befur on the Lake

Roger C at the helm, Louise at the mooring lines, Malcolm head-down making the engine run, Olwyn (neighbour) watching on, and Befur floating again!!!

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A bit of a blow to progress!

Well two bits of good news, and two less positive points, for this entry….

Positive #1 – She’s in her berth at on Windermere

Ready for the tow to Windermere, she makes quite a long train – but now has her “SY” prefix being a real Steam Yacht!

So, having dispensed with the medical matters (see below), we set about trying to complete the list of 60+ jobs that needed to be done before we could put her back in the water (some of which were discussed here…. Continue reading