Welcome to the web site for the Steam Yacht Befur.

Steam Yacht Befur is a project being undertaken by Malcolm & Louise Duckett. The objective is to record the adventures/disasters/joy and near misses involved in designing, building and sailing/steaming an anachronism! – (and encourage you to have a go!)… as the pages and posts were written contemporaneously (as it happened) some of the plans outlined in the pages were later changed – so to record these changes I have added “replies” to the posts to explain what finally happened, or point to relevant, subsequent posts.

A word on Pictures

You can click on almost all the pictures in the blog to get a bigger version. Some open in new tabs and some don’t. Some are VERY big, so clicking on the large version will usually scale it to fit on your screen.

Feedback & Following

Your feedback is very welcome – just use the “reply” boxes at the foot of each page, If you are not logged into WordPress, then you should see a “Follow” button at the bottom right of the screen – clicking this will get you automated notification of new posts on the site!

Reading the Blog – getting about…

I have had a couple of attempts at organising the blog, and I think the current arrangement works, but I think a guide to finding your way around is not a bad plan – so here are some suggestions:

  • Reading in chronological order: This is less obvious than it might be. If you are looking at an individual post, then at the foot of the post (just below the “About sybefur” bit (and mugshot) are two links – the one on the left is to the previous (earlier) post, and the one on the right is to the next (later) post. So if you start with the first post in the blog here and just keep clicking the right-hand link below my pics you will read it in the order it was written.
  • Using the menu: The menu at the top allows you to access posts by category. So, for example, selecting “Hull Build” will provide you a page which contains ALL the posts related to the building of the hull – However, unlike the Search Results Pages, in this case all the posts are shown in their entirety – but in reverse chronological order! So if you want to read “from the beginning” you first need to scroll down as far as you can (It’s a bit like Facebook, so the pages are very long and will load more as you scroll down – so be patient!)…
  • Searching for stuff: You can type anything into the Blog Search box on the right here, and you will get back a page with a collection of posts containing that word – clicking on the title to a post will take you to it…(right clicking and opening in a new window and closing the window when you have read it will allow you to keep the search page list on hand).
  • Searching by keywords: The “tag cloud” (just right of these words) allows you to click on a keyword and you will get back a page with a collection of posts which had that keyword associated with it (so it’s a topic search not a word search). The bigger the word the more posts are associated with it.
  • Recent Stuff: Recent posts can be directly accessed via “recent posts” links (of course!)

Thank you for reading…