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More Electrics, “Decks” and Woodwork

Having craned the engine and boiler into the hull we have now settled the position of the key components and can start to deal with some of the remaining fitting out tasks.

We are still aiming for an April Launch, but in true project planning style we had not said which day in April, so we have a few days left. The following items have been addressed so far:

Electrical Installation

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Sailing the Southern way…

Well this is a little late, but I decided (on the grounds that Louise is being a bit tardy) I should write a little more about our Competent Crew Course with Southern Sailing School…

a route around the island

a route around the island

While the boat was nowhere near as shiny as many of the other equipment on the Solent, It was clear that we had the opportunity to put the Phoenix to good use! It was very hands on, and we enjoyed and withstood all the weather had to offer – including a first night, late night traverse up the Bewley River, and truly tropical rain at Bembridge.

My personal pleasure was being asked to (and succeeding) in laying out and navigating a course to circumnavigate the Isle of Wight! starting at Yarmouth, and finishing at Benbridge (clearing the entry bar by about minus 6 inches!) – it was GREAT fun and very satisfying!  You can see my sketchy notes above, and once I had managed to translate the scale on the map to real life – (overrunning my first waymark within 2 minutes!) We were off – and while Duncan insisted we experienced no more than a 4 – later experience on Moody B included a “force 6” that was considerably calmer than our rounding of the needles – a really good day’s sailing!

On the other side my biggest failure was successfully “lassooing” a bouy, but forgetting to hold on to the damn rope! Ejit!

A Week with Southern Sailing

Well, that was fun!

Dawn on the Bewley River

Dawn on the Bewley River

Louise and I decided to go and make sure that we really all DID like sailing, and took a competant crew course wih Southern Sailing School…. and It was good! 5-days on the
Phoenix of Broadway with Captain Duncan and two other students (John and Ian) we toured the Solent and circumnavigated the Isle of Wight and returned more knowlagable, slightly burnt and with  a clearer view on what Befur needed. (comfortable bunks, non-smelly heads, etc.).

It’s clear we have passed the point where “camping is fun” and we need our creature comforts.

I will leave it to Lou to comment more fully…