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Deadwood – dead hard! (pt. #2)

Too much moaning!

Well it’s another month down the road and the deadwood/keel is done – to be fair to Selway Fisher most of my troubles with this are entirely self inflicted, and by comparison to some other designs, Paul’s are much simpler and well thought out for the beginner (and in fact the first sentence of the instructions for the Golden Bay say that it’s not designed for the first time builder, so the fact I am almost ready to turn over the hull is a tribute to his design!).

Keel Bolts and Drilling

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Stem, Hog and Clamp

 Shiver My Timbers – a whole new language

One of the major learning curves in this project is learning all the terminology for components in the boat – I’ve always taken an interest in language, but have never heard most of the terms used, and the ones I thought I knew have a whole new meaning in boat building. For example the “floors” in a boat are not the things you stand on (they’re decks of course (actually in the cabin or cockpit I think they are more correctly called the “Sole” or Sole Plate”!!!) meanwhile the floors are under the deck (like floor joists in a building), but they are actually there to provide “athwart-ships stiffness”! – see what I mean! Continue reading

Laminating & Thicknessing

As I have noted in recent posts, we are now firmly into the hull construction and also noted that a neighbour’s Wadworth saw made short work of providing rough-sized planks for lamination. I thought I would just write a little further on the business of reducing these planks to boards ready for laminating, and the lamination process.

Planer Thicknesser

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A start on the hull proper

We cut the moulds for the hull almost two years ago, and erected them onto the strongback a few months ago – and while that looks like progress, you are always aware that nothing you have done is actually going to be a part of the finished boat…. So I was looking forward to getting on with some construction proper.

The moulds erected on the strongback

The moulds erected on the strongback

Starting Point

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