Back in the water (at last)

Well that was a struggle!

After 6-7 months of work with Befur outside the house, up in the fells we finally finished and launched her, on Thursday!!

Befur on the Lake

Roger C at the helm, Louise at the mooring lines, Malcolm head-down making the engine run, Olwyn (neighbour) watching on, and Befur floating again!!!

You can see a list of some of the work we did during her refit here

So, with the assistance of Louise, Marguerite & Roger Calvert, and John Knapton, and a neighbour from Heggerscale (Olwyn) and the impediment of a recalcitrant one-day-old Landrover Starter motor (grrr). We got her rigged and launched at Ferry Nab.

raising Befur's mast

Raising the mast at Ferry Nab – just before we found the new starter motor had failed, and John had to tow start the train!

Befur on Slipway

Befur on the slipway. Roger C on board, and demonstrating again how good front-mounted tow hitches are!!!

All went smoothly, and the rebuilt engine appeared to have lost her knock finally (although I have said that before!) and ran smoothly round to her mooring.

We also proved the Windermere kettle (and whistle), the main whistle, the new condenser and pump, and bilge ejector worked!!! A result.

All sat down with steam tea/coffee and Birthday Cake (Happy Birthday Mr Calvert)

So, we just need a day to re-stow all the tools and stores, attach the sail bundle to the mast and give her an initial sea trial (while running in the new valves….)

A huge thank you to those who helped on the day, those who helped in the redesign (principally Mr Maltby) and the various others who provided help and support over the winter.


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