Leak Hints and Tips


It seems to be quite well known that there are a number of errors (and omissions) from the drawings for the Leak Compound. …and there are also suggestions of “drop-off’s” in the design (although these are not universally agreed). As a service to the community, I am publishing the errors I (and others) have found in the drawings and would welcome input from others as to any “quirks” they have found.

I think we could also accept suggestions for improvements, or links to other related sites.

I have in my possession 4 versions of the drawings (and there may be more) … I will mark any corrections I publish with the version of drawings they relate to. It would seem that Camden are making corrections to the drawings – as some errors have disappeared.

  • the original drawings as published in the Model Engineer in the early ’80s (ME)
  • a set of “full size” drawings dating from the late ’80s (i think) (OLD)
  • the drawings in the Camden Book “Building a Marine Compound Engine” (BOOK)
  • the current (2012) drawings sold by Camden (NEW)

Links to the detail pages…

Waiver/Disclaimer/Get-out Clause

This page and the content of this site in general are not warranted to be right, or valid or even safe! If you choose to take on board any of the suggested amendments here then you are doing so at your own risk…. it’s not my fault if things do not come out right for you 🙂

However, if you do find problems with the notes here please let me know…

2 thoughts on “Leak Hints and Tips

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