Design Choices & Trade-offs

In deciding to build Befur there were a number of design choices that needed (and will continue to need) to be made. The pages here discuss the choices we made, and the rational – and later on we will the outcomes and implications that emerge!

I tend to think of the project in four parts so the site is organised that way

We have included links or pictures where appropriate, and credited the people who own the rights to images – if you are un happy with their inclusion (or their description) just let us know and we will correct or remove them.

SY Befur is a version of a Selway-Fisher Golden Bay 26ft Steam launch. The image below is a composite showing the type of cabin we intend to fit, and we are also planning to add a simple auxiliary sailing rig, to get us home in the event of a disaster, or provide extra speed when towing skiers!

A composite view of Befur's planed outline

composite elevation and plan

This is a composite of images of the Golden Bay and Ijssel designs from Selway-Fisher’s site.

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