It will fit – honest!

So this is where we are going to build Befur, need to sell the  bikes, dump the rubbish and erect something to keep the rain out of the end – there is about 2 ft spare length and about 3ft spare width, (in the narrow bit). I think if we erect the strongback/jig on casters (heavy ones) we can jiggle around to work – the objective is to do a lot of the prep in the main workshop and assemble/epoxy in here…

build bay - before clearout

carport come building bay

build bay from outside

befur's home (outside)

1 thought on “It will fit – honest!

  1. sybefur Post author

    As you will realise, we actually moved house before we started on the hull, so it was built in a shed rented from some friends. In reality, you need much more space than this post suggests. The the shed was about 50ft x 20ft, and this provided room to build the boat, and a machine shop and kitchen! So, in practice I think you need a 30ft x 20ft space for the boat building.


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